Conventional Wisdom

How Today's Leaders Plan, Perform and Progress Like the Founding Fathers

By Rebecca Staton-Reinstein

Foreign Governments Plot against U.S  

…Disaster Imminent…   Credit Crunch Expands

…Foreclosures Increase    …Inflation Rampant…    

Violence Spreads…

Today's headlines? No! This was America…in 1787. As an executive or manager in today's chaotic times, you face many of the same challenges the U.S. founding fathers overcame. The fate of your company is in your hands, just as the fate of the country was in the capable hands of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison.

But the real crisis today? We lack strategic leadership in every economic sector - public, private, and nonprofit.

Where can you find strategic leadership guidance to overcome today's challenges?

Conventional Wisdom looks at the U.S. Constitution's framers and modern leaders who exemplify the synthesis of vision and execution.

In this exploration of strategic leadership, you'll learn to:

  • Apply the leadership secrets of George Washington to get stunning results
  • Unleash the Madison Factor to accomplish the impossible
  • Adapt strategies of extraordinary Fortune 500 executives
  • Energize and engage employees to get bottom-line results
  • Build and execute a robust, practical plan for success that works in good times and bad

Rebecca says, "Enjoy history and business, 'ancient and modern.'".

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What experts are saying about Conventional Wisdom

 “Thank you for sharing with me your new book Conventional Wisdom: How Today’s Leaders Plan, Perform, and Progress Like the Founding Fathers. Your research into the planning sessions of the Constitutional Convention and the struggles that our framers of the Constitution faced has been cleverly weaved into the strategies of modern business. I am pleased to have your book.”

--- Justice Sandra Day O’Connor (RET) 

"This is quite an insightful analysis of some great leaders. I like the way you put it together so creatively, which helps it to stand out from similar books of its genre thanks to the Constitutional angle. I know a few of these people quite well (Clarence Otis Jr., Howard Putnam), and their stories make marvelous examples."
  — Nido Qubein, President, High Point University

"This is not a book; it's a catalyst for strategic leadership."
  — Sam Horn, former Executive Director of the Maui Writers Conference and its sixteen-time Emcee, and best-selling author

"Frankly, this book caught me by surprise. If you think the U.S. Constitution was the idyllic result of a divinely inspired love-in, this book will open your eyes. What Rebecca has done -- brilliantly -- is compare and contrast the brutal experiences of the framers with what routinely happens in today's boardrooms. This book will energize every leader with the courage to execute that vision. This book couldn't be more timely."
  — Ian Percy, founder The Infinite Possibilities Initiative and author of The Profitable Power of Purpose

"What a magnificent book! We need a map on how to turn vision into reality, strategy into action, words into results. Rebecca draws that map by tapping into the wisdom of our founding fathers, as well as the successful leaders of today. This book should be read by leaders in all walks of life who need the courage to create a vision and the fortitude to execute it."
  — Dr. Joachim de Posada, Author of Don't Eat the Marshmallow….Yet: The secret to Sweet Success in Work and Life

"Vision and strategic thinking are indispensable ingredients for success, personally and professionally. Open these pages and discover strategic insights from the minds of some of the top leaders in America, past and present. The standard 'business-as-usual' perceptions will be challenged and expanded. A must-read!"
  — Glenna Salsbury, Author of The Art of The Fresh Start

"We are always searching for ways to translate our visions into a reality. This book is rich with powerful, thought-provoking examples of how we can harnesses the wisdom and leadership showcased by our founding fathers as they framed the Constitution. They were role models for creating the finest strategic plan ever written, and this book is a timeless resource for leaders in the twenty-first century."
  — Robert Stack, FAME COACH® and co-author Success is a Journey

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