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How today's Leaders plan, perform, and progress like the founding fathers.

Foreign Governments Plot against U.S… Credit Crunch Expands…Foreclosures Increase …Inflation Rampant…Violence Spreads…


Today's headlines? No! America…in 1787. In today's chaotic times, you face many of the same challenges the U.S. founders overcame. The fate of your company is in your hands, just as the fate of the country was in the capable hands of George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison.


The real crisis today? We lack strategic leadership…


Find strategic leadership guidance you can use to overcome today's challenges Conventional Wisdom — Successful strategic leaders combine vision and execution...


  • Get stunning results with George Washington's leadership secrets
  • Accomplish the impossible -- Unleash your Madison Factor
  • Adapt strategies of extraordinary Fortune 500 executives
  • Improve the bottom-line with energized, engaged employees
  • Achieve success executing a robust, visionary, practical plan


"This is not a book -  it's a catalyst for strategic leadership!" - Sam Horn

Conventional Wisdom

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  • Can we really learn from a statue on a pedestal with mythology swirling around? No. We can learn from human beings who have done important things and are flawed like the rest of us. These are men and women we remember because of their great contributions and because of their failures and flaws. This book weaves the stories of the framers of the U.S. Constitution and 21 modern leaders, extracting the keys to strategic leadership and learning from mistakes.

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