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How To Select And Implement The Right Software

by Irv Brownstein

Software is the fastest-growing expense in IT and among the top five business expenses, yet choosing the right product can be a daunting and complicated task with far-reaching consequences. How to Select and Implement the Right Software is a step-by-step method for evaluating software, with handy checklists, planning guidelines, and worksheets to quantify and rate alternatives that steer both novices and veterans through the maze of tools and products offered. Adaptable to projects of various sizes, it is structured for both technical and business-focused users. Buy Now.

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Success Planning: A 'How-To' Guide for Strategic Planning

by Rebecca Staton-Reinstein

  • Create a Plan for Success

  • Review Progress Against Plan

  • Evaluate and Sustain Success

  • Continuously Improve Results


Dr. Rebecca Staton-Reinstein's proven process for strategic planning is easily adaptable for small businesses, non-profit organizations, Information Technology, and other departments, as well as individuals. Her book is packed with useful tools including templates, worksheets, generic forms, and detailed instructions for each activity needed to create your own plan for success. Buy Now.


Success Planning for Nonprofits: Evidence-Based Strategic Planning

by Rebecca Staton-Reinstein and Ellen Bristol

Stop wandering in the wilderness. Put your nonprofit on the road to predictable success.Nonprofits are the engines of the social safety net, preservation and innovation in arts and culture, supporters of causes people care about, and a necessary part of every community. Yet large or small, nonprofits all struggle with translating their compelling visions and missions into reality. We all know the old saw, Fail to Plan; Plan to Fail. Nonprofits are especially vulnerable as boards and staffs tend to focus more on the day-to-day, serving their constituents, and raising money. Strategic planning is THE proven mechanism to translate and sustain the noble goals of the organization. Success Planning is the blueprint for crafting a metrics-driven, evidence-based planning process that gets concrete results.• Get the results your organization needs with a robust strategic plan,• Become more efficient and effective with a focused Board and Staff,• Deliver services to your constituents with greater Return on Effort,• Delight your funders with concrete evidence of your results,• Build a sustainable organization predictably reaching your goals. Buy Now.

30 Days to Building a Strategic Plan that Gets Results.jpg

30 Days to Building a Strategic Plan that Gets Results

by Rebecca Staton-Reinstein

Get this book ONLY if you are serious about getting better results from your hard work. Maybe the title should be FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL instead of 30 Day to Building a Strategic Plan that Gets Results.
Why should you execute a robust plan whether you run a small business, nonprofit/NGO, manufacturing or service company, international conglomerate, military organization or government agency or manage a function in any of these?

These strategic planning coaching sessions (used with successful executive and management teams and individuals) enable you to:

  • increased results from your efforts significantly

  • be more productive and effective

  • show vastly improved financial performance

  • fulfill your core mission with greater impact and less wasted activity

  • engage employees fully to accomplish defined goals

  • delight customers, consumers, constituents or clients who

  • recognize you as the best source for products or services

  • do more with less in any economic environment.

If you are ready to commit to your own success, this 30-day program can help you achieve your goals. "30 Days to Building a Strategic Plan that Gets Results" is based on actual coaching and implementation sessions with customers from around the world and across all economic sectors. This practical advice is based on the real-life situations people face when they try to turn vision into reality, a plan into results, and lofty goals into daily concrete operations.

Strategic Planning is NOT an annual exercise, forgotten as soon as the retreat is over and you are back to running day-to-day operations. Strategic Planning is a methodology; a process to assure bottom-line results.

Add "Success Planning: A ‘How-To’ Guide for Strategic Planning" if you need a step-by-step, proven system for developing and implementing your strategic plan. (Available on Amazon) This guide was developed in actual practice with successful clients and incorporates practical techniques, strategies, and information.

Explore case studies of organizations as their leaders use strategic planning to grow companies, cities, and nonprofits. Read "Conventional Wisdom: How Today’s Leaders Plan, Perform, and Progress Like the Founding Fathers." (Available on Amazon)Use the insights of key U.S. founding leaders and contemporary executives as they struggled and succeeded in translating vision into reality.
Learn how:


  • a bank doubled assets in a short time in a down market

  • three cities came back from decay and neglect

  • an airline grew to sustained profitability despite the worst mission -statement ever

  • a venture capitalist discovered a breakthrough decision-making technique

  • a fortune 500 company embraced its full potential

  • an engineering firm grew a unique culture of community advisors and diversity.

Learn the actions you must take from envisioning the future to tracking individual results to becoming a strategic leader in this coaching program, companion how-to guide, and get results from all your efforts.
Author Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, president of Advantage Leadership, Inc., works with companies to improve business results, engage employees, and delight customers.


Companies and organizations around the globe bring Rebecca in for consulting, leadership mentoring, management training, and keynote speeches because of her track record of accomplishments and documented results. Buy Now.

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